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Blue Curtains, My Love

by Administrator, data:2013-12-23 15:55:42

I have a special emotion for the curtains, and I love to see the wind blowing the curtains while the curtains waving in the wind. It just feels so romantic and emotional. It will give you the comfortable and sweet feelings. When I was a child, my family is not that rich, but still my parents bought me the curtains I really love. I still remembered that it is the blue curtains. If it is right, it is the only decoration at my home that time.

Even though now the living condition is much better than that time, every home need to paint and decorate their house, but for me, I still love the simple and concise blue color, especially for the curtains. Therefore, if you ask me to pick the curtains, and I would still pick the blue curtains, and it reminds me of my childhood once I saw the unvarnished blue color. I will feel warm and nice and happy about that.

navy blue curtains
navy blue curtains

The first thing when I get up is open the blue curtains and look at the world outside. It feels so magical and great. I check the weather and see the changing everyday. Not only the world, but also our lives have been changing every single day. When I painting the house, I checked many stores to find the floral blue curtains, which is the dreamy curtains in my mind. I was looking for it for a really long time, since I do not want to live with the curtains that I do not like you know. And it turns out this style is very beautiful and suitable for my room. The quality is very nice and the touching feeling of the material is comfortable and high-end. It adds more beautiful and different colors for your home.


The installment of curtains can be easy and convenient, since you can choose roll style curtains, which is easy at managements. So for a really long time, I just sit before the window, and looking into the light blue color, thinking the deep and dark memory in my mind. It maybe touching but also can be emotional. My little world and the big world are both changing every single day. A fresh new tomorrow will be in front of me by this set of simple blue curtains.

I love to see the visual effect of pulling off and pulling down the curtains. It is so beautiful out of the window. Life can be more beautiful because of this.

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