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oro OBY15422

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Item ID: OBY15422

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Generalmente, cortinas necesitan cortina doble, así como para presentar el efecto perfecto. Como por ejemplo, Roman barra o pista es de 40 pulgadas, entonces las cortinas de ancho que necesita es de 80 pulgadas.

material:Aleación de zinc
embalaje:un par
Tipo de instalación:montaje en pared
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What's the common size of curtains? What if I can not find the size I need?

Currently, provides 12 kinds curtains for our customers, but we also can have curtains custom-made. So Pls do measure of the rod, you can choose custom made curtains. After you place the order, we will produce the perfect curtains for you in the shortest time. Generally, curtains need double drape, so as to present the perfect effect. Such as, Roman rod or track is 40 inches, then the curtains wide you need is 80 inches.

what size is the curtains grommet top?

Generally speaking, the inner diameter of curtain hole is 5 cm while the outer diameter is 7 cm.

NOTE: we will resend you new replacement if the parcel damage or not receive ,But pls feedback the this information to lacal courier copmay which do delivery to you ,and do ask them to record and reply. it is the first important step to ask for claim online and then pls email us with pictures of broken packing. if local post office didn't do record ,we can't resend new replacement or refund
SF local number: 001 855 901 1133 (US)
UPS local number:18007827892(US)
DHL local number:1-800-225-5345 (US)/1-954-888 7000

What circumstances need to add lining?
  1. When you have high requirement for curtains quality, you can add lining with similar color on the back to cover the back to be even more refined and complete.
  2. When you have high requirement for blackout, you can add physical shade cloth as lining. Now professional physical shade cloth on the market is limited by craft which has fewer colors and most beautiful blackout fabrics are basically semi-shade. So in order to achieve the balance between beautiful color and good blackout feature we need to add environmental physics shade cloth in the back.
What color will the grommet top or metal hooks of curtain comes?

The grommet top has color in black, silver or gold one, metal hooks usually has color in white and silver, if you have request with them, Pls leave message by the order, if no, it will Sent at random with curtains.

What is transparent behind the curtain,Dose each pair of curtains has matched window screening?

It is the sheer ,if you need ,you can order ,if no need ,you can just order curtain.If there is window screening showed in the picture, then yes. Therefore, if you want to buy window screening, you can choose window screening in the products details page. Also if you hope to match curtain with other sheer , you can order directly online.

The curtains are end goods, or just fabric?

Our curtains are strictly well made according to your needed size, so you can directly install them on your windows. Pls don’t worry ,the fabric will not enough to make curtain for you.

What's the head construction of curtains, and how can I choose top construction I need?

Our top constructions are grommet top ,metal hook type, table style and rod pocket heading .you can order directly online what you want.

How is the effect of blackout feature? And what's the main material?

The blackout effect and other features are presented in the products description. So you can find the information in details page. If you want 100% blackout ,Please contact the customer service or email us. Also you can order directly online with lining.

How long can I get my curtains after I successfully purchased them?

Curtains are produced according to the order. Although they are standard end products, in order to avoid the situation that customers are not sure how to measure size or details confirmation, our customer service will contact our customers to confirm the specific height, multiple pleating, and hook way. Here is the basic process: information confirmation – clipping - top thread – pleated - sewing lines - quality exam – ironing – packing - logistics. Generally speaking, it will takes 2 work days to deliver the goods, and will arrive in destination within 2—13 work days (which is determined by distance).

How about the tax ?

Usually there is no tax ,since we will wrote lowest price with package ,But if it is so serious customs in your country .and there is tax ,Pls pay and sign the parcel, in fact ,everyone has responsibility with tax ,Hope you can understand . if you refuse to sign the parcel since tax ,we will not pay anything.

Are all the products available on the site?

Recently, all the products online can be ordered. You can free choose size, color and also we accept advanced customization. If you see a picture of nice curtains or other kinds of curtains somewhere, you can send the picture to us. So if you can provide us with enough information, it will help a lot.

What should I do if I forget my password?

In order to protect our customers' benefits, we can not see your passwords. So if you do forget your passwords, please log in register page, and click "Forget Password", the system will automatically send your passwords by emails. Or you can log in "Forget Password" to change the passwords, and make sure your benefits.

Do you offer any super delivery since I need a curtains in a hurry?

Yes, offer super expedited within 8-10 days. You will get the parcel in time.

How much if I need to buy valance?

If you need to buy valance ,best to do measure and send us size you want to ,we will check and give you answer with price at once

If the return goods requirement is caused by our make mistake or quality problems, we will deal with the return problem in the shortest time.

But if it is caused by size mistake measured by buyers, or personal dislike the style, color or other personal reasons, we are afraid that will not accept the demand of return goods.

Since you sign the goods within 30 days, will provide you return or exchange goods service, and will undertake the freight.

Please make sure the tags and packaging is unbroken, when you return the goods.

If the damage is caused by your personal reasons (such as size adjustment, washing, or long time using and so on), we will not accept return goods.

Please choose the common express when you return or exchange goods. Temporarily, we do not support freight collect, so if it is your first time, you can claim payment from . And the reimbursement will be saved in the virtual trading of, you can enter in "my account" to check it.

Gift bags or goods in a suit can not be partially returned, because if so, when other buyers can not enjoy the discount when they purchase the rest goods in the bag or suit.

Pictures and information is only for your reference. The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on .com. There maybe slight color mismatches between the color of your item and the color shown on screen. Please confirm with the real products.

Thank you for your support of, and will provide the best quality goods and service as always.

Muchos tela preciosa, con buena decoración se ve afectada por las embarcaciones que se ve relativamente flexible, delgado o incluso transparente. Estos tejidos se ve bastante, pero no tiene buena característica apagón. recomienda añadir un revestimiento de color que no sólo puede lograr un mejor efecto del apagón, pero también puede hacer que el efecto decorativo de cortina para ser aún más refinado correspondiente.

El revestimiento apagón utilizado nivel A la física ambiental dom paño con más del 95% de índice de refracción que puede lograr el efecto apagón completo con material de la cortina originales.

Guarnición del apagón se cose directamente a la parte de atrás de la cortina con la mano de obra fina de mirar totalmente natural.

Como se muestra:

forro de Blackout

oscuras detalles guarnición cenefa de embarcaciones

Detalles secundarios guarnición oscuras de embarcaciones

Blackout detalles revestimiento de cola de artesanía

Tabla comparativa de las cortinas de efectos originales y añadiendo efectos de revestimiento apagón:

Install Pull up valance

Valance track can be purchased to fix the pull up valance to achieve the valance fixed. Fix the velcro on one side of the valance track, then stitch to the other side of the valance, this is very easy to wash. Of course you can use other things to place the track only if you can fix the one side of the velcro, such as buy a valance track to fix the valance.

Install rod pocket valance

Usually rod pocket valance needs three rod pockets, each rod pocket is matched for curtain, valance and sheer ( only need 2 rod pockets if you don’t need sheer). Put the valance on the top or outermost end of the rod to block the heading part revealed.

Install pelmet valance

The pelmet valance has best effect which can direct use velcro, sewing one side to the valance head ( if you need the pelmet valance style, we will sew the velcro directly on the valance head).

then fix the other side to the pelmet with nailer or screw which can stick when install the valance. This method is simple and convenient for washing.

Velcro Style

1. Construcción Superior

roman rod with loops

La imagen muestra como barra romana con bucles, que se adapta para las cortinas de tipo gancho.

pulley track

La imagen presenta como pista polea, que se adapte a las cortinas de tipo gancho.

roman rod

La imagen es romano varilla, que es adecuado para cortinas perforadas.

suitable roman rod

La imagen es encabezamientos bolsillo de la barra, que es adecuado para varilla romano.

tab top style

El cuadro es de estilo superior pestaña

Cómo Instalación Top Construcción

1. Esquema de ojal Top

Generalmente, la longitud de la cortina de la parte superior ojal es dos o tres veces más larga que la varilla decorativa. Cada medidor tiene alrededor de seis ojales. El número específico está relacionado con el tamaño específico. Si el floral es simétrica, la distancia entre dos motivos florales es importante. Hacer ojales es nuestro trabajo y lo único que necesitas hacer es que puso la varilla decorativa en.

2. Esquema del gancho superior

1.Cada aguja de gancho coincide con un agujero 2. Inserte en el orificio a su vez 3. Nudging

4. Presione suavemente5. Una completa6.Cada gancho insertado en el intervalo de 4 a 5 agujeros

2. Cortina De Ancho

  1. Tamaño de las cortinas se pueden personalizar.
  2. Generalmente, cortinas necesitan cortina doble, así como para presentar el efecto perfecto. Como por ejemplo, Roman barra o pista es de 40 pulgadas, entonces las cortinas de ancho que necesita es de 80 pulgadas.
curtain width

Si tiene un poste, medir la distancia entre los remates (los adornos decorativos en el extremo de un palo). Ver foto de la izquierda.

Si usted tiene una pista, medir la longitud total de la pista. Ver la imagen de la izquierda.

3. Cortina Largo

Construcciones diferentes tienen diferentes métodos de medición.

roman rod with loops

En la parte superior pestaña o cortinas ojal (ojal), mida la caída desde lo alto de su poste a donde usted quiere que su cortina a fin. (Por favor nota pestaña superior y cortinas ojal (ojal) no se puede instalar en una pista)

pulley track

Para cortinas plisadas, mida la distancia desde el ojo (en el gancho de cortina adjunto) a donde usted quiere que su cortina a fin.

roman rod

Para bolsillos barra, mida la distancia desde la parte superior de su poste a donde usted quiere que sus cortinas hasta el final. Si la cortina tiene una cabecera (la parte sobre el bolsillo de la barra), esto no está incluido en la longitud de la cortina.

4. Imágenes Muestran

  •    oro   OBY15422
  •    oro   OBY15422
  •    oro   OBY15422
  •    oro   OBY15422
  •    oro   OBY15422
  •    oro   OBY15422

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