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How to buy sheers?
  • Tende Avorio di Eco-friendly lino / cotone (due pannelli)
  • Tende Avorio di Eco-friendly lino / cotone (due pannelli)
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Tende Avorio di Eco-friendly lino / cotone (due pannelli)

[Bracciali $9.99 gratis come regalo]

Item ID: C0024

Listino prezzi: USD $153.46

prezzo: $46.93

Risparmi: USD $106.53

69% di sconto

Notice: If you need full blackout curtains, please leave us message or contact our online customer service or email us at service@dreqm.com

Each set of curtains contains two panels. If the size we provide for the set is 84 inches wide x 84 inches long, then each panel measures 42 inches wide x 84 inches long.

Generalmente, tende bisogno drappeggio doppia, in modo da presentare l'effetto perfetto. Come ad esempio, Roman asta o la traccia è di 40 pollici, poi le tende gamma è necessario è di 80 pollici.

Free Gifts Incluso:punzonatura Occhiello,ganci metallici
materiale:Lino / cotone
  • 4 su 5 Stelle
  • di Monica Bas
These drapes are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad I bought this set.
  • 4 su 5 Stelle
  • di Yolande
Very nice curtains, thick, substantial and great for blocking the sun's glare. I live on a busy street and they cut the noise too. Highly recommended.
  • 5 su 5 Stelle
  • di Maria
i bought to see how it looks and my wife love. since then we have been ordering more
  • 4 su 5 Stelle
  • di Lillie
Ordered with economy delivery, product arrived after only 5 business days. Product is as shown which is great value
  • 5 su 5 Stelle
  • di Garnet
I ordered four sets curtains for my new condo and am very happy with the product and how these curtains look. They finish off of the rooms perfectly. The quality is excellent and the price was very reasonable compared to other places that I shopped.
  • 5 su 5 Stelle
  • di Cornelia
Very nice curtains. Nice fabric! - still a nice
What's the common size of curtains? What if I can not find the size I need?

Currently, Ogotobuy.com provides 12 kinds curtains for our customers, but we also can have curtains custom-made. So if you can not find the size you need, you can choose custom made curtains. After you place the order, we will produce the perfect curtains for you in the shortest time. Generally, curtains need double drape, so as to present the perfect effect. Such as, Roman rod or track is 40 inches, then the curtains wide you need is 80 inches.

Dose each pair of curtains has matched window screening?

If there is window screening showed in the picture, then yes. Therefore, if you want to buy window screening, you can choose window screening in the products details page.

The curtains are end goods, or just fabric?

Our curtains are strictly well made according to your needed size, so you can directly install them on your windows.

What's the head construction of curtains, and how can I choose top construction I need?

Our top constructions are grommet top and metal hook type. If you have any other requirements, you can contact us or leave us messages, we will reply you as soon as possible.

How is the effect of blackout feature? And what's the main material?

The blackout effect and other features are presented in the products description. So you can find the information in details page.
If you want 100% blackout ,Please contact the customer service or email us.

How long can I get my curtains after I successfully purchased them?

Curtains are produced according to the order. Although they are standard end products, in order to avoid the situation that customers are not sure how to measure size or details confirmation, our customer service will contact our customers to confirm the specific height, multiple pleating, and hook way. Here is the basic process: information confirmation – clipping - top thread – pleated - sewing lines - quality exam – ironing – packing - logistics. Generally speaking, it will takes 2 work days to deliver the goods, and will arrive in destination within 2—13 work days (which is determined by distance).

If the return goods requirement is caused by our make mistake or quality problems, we will deal with the return problem in the shortest time.

But if it is caused by size mistake measured by buyers, or personal dislike the style, color or other personal reasons, we are afraid that Ogotobuy.com will not accept the demand of return goods.

Since you sign the goods within 30 days, Ogotobuy.com will provide you return or exchange goods service, and Ogotobuy.com will undertake the freight.

Please make sure the tags and packaging is unbroken, when you return the goods.

If the damage is caused by your personal reasons (such as size adjustment, washing, or long time using and so on), we will not accept return goods.

Please choose the common express when you return or exchange goods. Temporarily, we do not support freight collect, so if it is your first time, you can claim payment from Ogotobuy.com. And the reimbursement will be saved in the virtual trading of Ogotobuy.com, you can enter in "my account" to check it.

Gift bags or goods in a suit can not be partially returned, because if so, when other buyers can not enjoy the discount when they purchase the rest goods in the bag or suit.

Pictures and information is only for your reference. The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on .com. There maybe slight color mismatches between the color of your item and the color shown on screen. Please confirm with the real products.

Thank you for your support of Ogotobuy.com, and Ogotobuy.com will provide the best quality goods and service as always.

1. Costruzione Top

roman rod with loops

L'immagine mostra come asta romana con i loop, che si adatta per le tende tipo di amo.

pulley track

Il quadro presenta come traccia puleggia, che si adatta per le tende tipo di amo.

roman rod

L'immagine è romano stelo, che è adatto per le tende forate.

2. Tenda Larghezza

  1. Dimensioni di tutte le tende possono essere personalizzati.
  2. Generalmente, tende bisogno drappeggio doppia, in modo da presentare l'effetto perfetto. Come ad esempio, Roman asta o la traccia è di 40 pollici, poi le tende gamma è necessario è di 80 pollici.
curtain width

Se si dispone di un palo, misurare la distanza tra i finials (i baubles decorativo alla fine di un palo). Vedi foto a sinistra.

Se si dispone di una traccia, misurare la lunghezza totale della pista. Vedi foto a sinistra.

3. Tenda Lunghezza

Costruzioni diverse hanno diversi metodi di misurazione.

roman rod with loops

Per la parte superiore o scheda gommino (occhiello) tende, misurare la caduta dalla cima del tuo palo a dove si desidera che il sipario alla fine. (Si prega di scheda nota di testa e gommino (occhiello) tende non può essere montato su una traccia)

pulley track

Per tende plissé, si prega di misurare la distanza tra l'occhio (dove il gancio tenda allegato) al punto in cui si desidera che la tenda alla fine.

roman rod

Per tasche asta, si prega di misurare la distanza dalla parte superiore del palo in cui si desidera le tende alla fine. Se la tenda ha un header (la parte sopra la tasca asta), questo non è incluso nella lunghezza della tenda.

4. Immagini Mostrano

  • Tende Avorio di Eco-friendly lino / cotone (due pannelli)
  • Tende Avorio di Eco-friendly lino / cotone (due pannelli)

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