Hang pink shower curtains in your bathroom

pink shower curtain

Shower panels are very important in bathroom, which have a great impact to the room interior decoration. No matter you are redecorating bathroom  or  decorating it, curtains with right color could make bathroom totally different. In the past several years, supplier is finding the new popular curtains and pink panel curtain is the most popular one.

There are some things you need to know about pink shower curtains.

Bathroom is the place for you to relax and take a rest. Pink shower curtains could create a relaxed and cozy environment in your bathroom. The best thing for pink curtain is that, there are several designs and colors, from bold red to cool pink red, which could go well with  your bathroom decoration.

pink shower curtain

In order to make curtain to be soft and attractive, we could use light yellow and rose color to collocate with pink curtains. When it comes to the man’s bathroom, we also could use light green or beige curtain to decorate bathroom, besides, we also could add some black, brown or burgundy  to the curtain.  You could use beige or white wall paper, which could go well with such  bathroom curtains, to make the environment quiet and warm.

There are different  fabrics and patterns for you to choose, for example: horizon strips, plaids and floral patterns. Most department stores have each kind of pink shower curtains.

If the curtain’s fabric is not plastic, you must add plastic lining to avoid water. No matter what kind of pink shower curtains you like, finally you will find the one you like .


How to choose cheap curtains for yourself?

Red And Dark Blue cheap curtains
When we decorate our house, we usually ignore curtains. However, curtains are so important for our interior decoration, which have a great impact for our home. So it’s so important for us to choose right curtains for our home, at the same time, budget is the main factor you need to think of .

Then I will list some necessary skills  so that you could brought the cheap and good quality curtains.

Ivory Polyester cheap curtains

There are different rooms in your home, and each room is unique, so you need different curtains to hang in different rooms. some kind of curtain could be suitable to hang in your living room, but it’s not suitable to hang in the kitchen. Kitchen curtains usually need to be washed, however, bedroom curtains could be washed every two weeks. When you choose bedroom curtains, which need to keep your privacy. You could choose cheap curtains according to your necessary.

Find right materials

Curtains are practical, which could finish many things at a time. So you need to choose the suitable curtains, which could save you a lot money and time.

Make it yourself

It’s a good choice to make curtains yourself.

If you plan to buy cheap curtains, you’d better choose curtains online, which is the best choice for you.


advantages of red and gold curtains

red blind curtain
When you are thinking of home interior design, you need to think of what kind of curtains you should choose for your room. You could choose attractive red and gold curtain, you also could choose simple and elegant monochrome fabric.

There are many advantages of these curtains.

So today I will introduce you some advantages of these curtains.

The fundamental role of curtain is to cover your window, and it could give you more. Curtains could affect room and make it different. No matter you use the waterproof curtain or bright red and gold curtain, they all could make your room elegant and unique.

Choose from different styles

yellow blind curtain

You will find both sides of the curtains are comprised by different styles and appearance. You could choose the wooden part or the simple metal part.

Red and golden curtains could make your window more bright.

You could find that blind curtains are straight, when you pull them on, they could make your office look official.

Curtains with different colors, such as red and gold, they not only could make your room unique and it could bend, which could be more suitable for the window.


Living Room Window Treatments

Cheap Custom Black Striped curtains
The living room is the first place that gives a statement to your guests when they walk into your home. That is the primary reason why most homeowners put more effort in giving a long-lasting impression. The living room window treatments not only exude drama but give the sophistication while setting the mood needed in the room. There is a wide selection of elegant treatments for a contemporary and streamlined appearance. Although the carpets, entertainment centers, and color choices make your living room attractive, window treatments should not be overlooked. There are several ideas you can incorporate into your décor and get a design that is not only perfect for you but for everyone who visits your home.

Two window panels and a simple valance can transform any living room to feel homey and welcoming. Match all of your interior design ideas perfectly using the sheer panels. Heavy blackout curtains that are cleverly disguised behind the sheer panels can help block out light or dark easily. Roman shades are also available in a huge variety of fabric options. These accordion-like shades are easy to install and can provide a completely enclosed window or completely open one in your front room.

Fancy Printing Grey Curtains

If you find simple blinds not enough for your design, using swags can actually make a significant impact in a little way. Swags are occasionally used to showcase the window sashes or decorate double hung windows. A living room design can be enhanced when the swag is used in your side by side windows. How about the tie back panels? Dressing up any window with a versatile yet elegant back panel will give a stunning look to your contemporary design. Drape the materials over a lush curtain rod using long, flowing curtains and fabrics. Afterwards, tie back one or both of the panels to give an elegant feel to your living room.

A pleated shade is similar to the roman shade and is set inside of the casement of a window. Typically, it runs inside the window seal and it can be the best choice for you if you are looking to match your living room ideas with the perfect window treatment. It is essential to consider the size of the window you want to dress. If you have small windows, choose coverings that tend to blend with your interiors. The same is applicable to large picture windows since you have to find a treatment that will make it the focal point in your living room.


Get a Few Ideas for Baby Room Curtains

balloon kids curtains

When it comes to making a room for your baby, the most important part is decorating it to his or her liking. That includes getting toys, colouring the walls with vibrant shades and things like that. It also includes the baby room curtainswhich you will be hanging from the door or the windows of his or her room. So here are a few ideas you can borrow for that:

  • Colourful Palette

Babies always like colourful things. Be it their sucking toy, their other toys, their bed sheets, their diapers or anything else, it should always be vibrant and ringing in terms of colour. As such, making sure your curtains follow suit is the wise course of action to take.

  • Cartoon Based
  • floral kids curtains

The print on your curtains could be cartoon based. Everyone knows that children love to watch cartoons and during their process of growing up, this remains a constant throughout. As such, having it as a print on your curtains is a pretty good idea to entertain and keep your baby happy. They just love having their favourite characters around all the time.

  • Knowledge Based

Another idea that parents love is to have some knowledge based stuff get printed on the curtain so that the baby can inherently learn something while seemingly doing nothing. Things like the alphabet and numbers are the most common in this category. For advanced stuff, you may even consider getting a multiplication table printed curtain or something like that.


So there you go. These are some of the ideas that you can borrow from when buying some baby room curtains for your baby. If you have other ideas, feel free to apply them and also share it with your friends and family. But for those who are new, you may learn a thing or two from everything mentioned above.


Know the Ways to Care for Your Thermal Drapes


silver thermal curtains

You need to understand that the thermal drapes are not quite like the common curtains. These curtains have their linings and usually have two layers. There is of course a decorative layer usually made up of silk or even velvet and then there is a special layer made up of insulating material. This material will of course not conduct any heat. Hence they will improve the energy efficiency levels in your room. Your home will hence remain protected from heat as well as cold.


These curtains can help the cold air or hot air from escaping from your room. Thus you will save a lot of money as less electricity will be consumed. These curtains are usually made up of silk as well as polyester. In order to improve the energy efficiency, a backing of rubber is also often used.

Rubber backing

The rubber backing in the curtains helps in reduction of the noise. The light which passes through the room is also reduced in a certain way hence you can definitely sleep better. It is really a myth that these curtains come only in dark colors. The curtains are available in lots of colors as well as textures.

Insulating thermal drapes cleaning

light blue thermal curtains

The fact that these curtains are insulating in nature, is because of the thick materials that they are made up of. The colors of the curtains, can cause reduction in the noise levels as well as protect from the UV radiations. In order to clean these curtains, you need to do as the manufacturers say.

Some of the curtains need to be cleaned only by dry cleaning. Hence you should not be washing them with soap and water. The dust as well as dirt needs to be brushed off. The thermal drapes are extremely useful in nature.


The simple modern curtains are very noble and elegant

In the decoration of modern furniture, the simple style modern curtains are becoming more and more popular , especially for the young people, they always like the simple style, just like the blue fresh style which is full of happiness, from living room and bedroom, we always are adopted with the same color, since the blue color could make the whole house fresh and simple, at the same time, the modern curtains could feel very fresh.

First the curtains could make the life more lively

When we visit other’s house, the most important point is that the curtains are very important part in our life, if we choose the modern curtains for our house, it could let our life more charming, at the same time, it could be easy to find the characters of our life, we attend the modern fashion elements in the picture of modern curtains, no matter it is in the handmade or the adjust of the design of quarters, it could help more people feel the value of this curtains.

Second the curtains make the decoration very easy

It is very important for us to choose the good curtains, the choice of modern curtains could make our house more elegant, when many people visit your house, they could feel the atmosphere of the whole house, if you also feel very concerned that how to choose the curtains, then I think the modern curtains will be your best choices, we could adjust from colors, pictures and shapes, which could let others feel the charming of the curtains, if you like you could make the curtains for yourself.

Third the grey design of modern curtains

Many young people like the dump life, then the grey color could explain the concept, no matter it is the simple grey or the ruffled grey curtains, all that could be proper, when the light shines on them, they could be full of feeling, at the same time, they are not dump, which are proper for the people who like the silence and think in their private.

modern curtains

We could help you point out the best blackout curtains

When we purchase the house, we always choose the house which face the sun, where could have much sunshine, but at times, if the sun is too strong, which also could cause the confused to us, at this time, we have to choose the good quality curtains to keep out light, but there are many styles of blackout curtains for us to choose, we could not which do we need to do, at this time, which dress we need to choose is very important, today we will help you to get the known of the blackout curtains, we need to know the questions.

No matter which is the expensive or cheap blackout curtains, they are all popular with most people, no matter which picture it is, when we touch them, we could find the dump of the fabric, when we touch other fabric, then we could not feel comfortable, of course there are some differences in prices, since there are many curtain sellers in the market, in order to attract some customers, some sellers will take some good curtains to attract the customers to purchase, so that is why some blackout curtains are cheap, but their fabric are also very good.

The blackout curtains are always adopted with some special materials, they could have the blackout effect, at the same time, they could prevent the sunshine from damage, and now we will teach you how to choose the cheap blackout curtains, when you go to the place where sell the curtains, we always ask the sellers some knowledge about the curtains, at the same time, after we finish asking the conditions of curtains, we could touch them, since there are some differences between the blackout curtains and ordinary curtains, when we touch them, we could feel the differences, some curtains which have the good blackout effect always are very expensive, in order to reach this effect, some sellers will print something on the curtains, so them will have the bad smell, the curtains like this are damage to our health, they are not green, so when we choose the blackout curtains, we could not see the price at one glance, we always to know the fabric of blackout curtains.

The above is the tips about how to select cheap blackout curtains, hope this could help you.

best blackout curtains


How to match up with the blue floral curtains

We all know that the blue color could give us the nice feeling, which could give us the calm down feeling, since in the many colors, there are many people who like the blue color, it is not because that the blue could have the unique feeling, it is also that the blue color could bring us the clean and neat feeling, the blue floral curtains could give us many function in the house, we could use blue color to do the match up, the different match up could have the different style, then how to match up the curtains, then we could make our curtains could be different from other, if we want to make the curtains pretty, then we need some precisions.

There are many people who like blue floral curtains, we have some research about the colors and styles of curtains, we could close the eyes, if we could hang the blue floral curtains in our bedroom, it could be the light sky blue, we could imagine that, if we are in the afternoon without people, we could stay behind the blue floral curtains, I think you could feel it very warm and happy.

Nowadays we have much pressure in our life, in the day we could go through different people and things, if your curtains in the house is very bright, that could let us feel dump and complex, now many people like the blue floral curtains, that could gibe us the fresh, bright and nature feeling.

We could imagine that, in your own house, it could have the curtains like this, it could be simple in it, on the small table and balcony, we could have the lovers to be company, then we could see the pretty blue floral curtains, in my opinion, we could feel very happy, then you two could cook in your house, in the evening, we could pull the curtains and see the love movie, I think the life will be very perfect.

In a word, the blue floral curtains could be smart in the furniture, it could be very convenient, we could keep the house clean, then the blue floral curtains could make our house full of charming.

blue floral curtains

The lined curtains could give us the surprising beauty

We all know the tips of the match up, especially there are many lessons which have the match of line, especially there are more and more curtains in female friends, especial the length of our height, but we have to notice the length of us, but if you are thin but not strong, then the lined curtains will make us somewhat fat from the outside, if someone is some fat, we could match it with some vertical lined clothes, it will look some slim, at the same time, we will not look so fat, even the ladies who have perfect body shape also like the lined curtains, since the lined curtains would give people much confident, it is also very sexy which could attract others sight, the lined curtains also have the effect.

First considering the whole effect

When we purchase the lined curtains, we have to consider the whole effect according to the house effect, such as its soft and slim, we could see what our bedroom is like, what do we need, such as in the bedroom, we pay attention to the blackout, then when we purchase the lined curtains, we have to choose the thick curtains.

Second considering the picture and floral

The objects in the living room, the floral and the places we live, the environment we live, the seasons, that all the points we have to notice, since in the spring, it is warm, in the winter, it is cold, we could see from the whole effect in the living room, we have to consider the wall, furniture and so on, all that had better be harmony, generally speaking, the lined curtains are easy to be matched up, we have to pay attention to it.

Third the size of lined curtains

If we want to purchase the lined curtains, we have to notice the size of curtains, generally speaking, we have to give it ten cm room to the windows, but we have to consider the related conditions, we could see it short styles and long styles, or it is to the floor.

lined curtains